Who is the Quaderra Group?

The Quaderra Group is a search firm that specializes in the placement of technical and executive professionals in the energy and resource industries around the globe.  With over 25 years of experience, our team employs an innovative and proactive approach to reveal hidden talent to our clients and well-matched opportunities for our candidates. Trust us to find you the right fit – at the right time – beyond the resume.

Our Approach

We are passionate about what we do. Our job is to help you attract the best talent – or opportunity - possible. Our approach is reflective of present market challenges and generational expectations. We do our best to identify hidden talent in the workforce and strategically present those valuable individuals to the most suitable potential employers.

Quaderra contacts and interviews a variety of technical professionals in the energy and resource industries on a daily basis and, over time, has spoken to literally thousands of these individuals. Because of this concentrated focus, we make it our business to understand the resource sector in depth and get to know you – and your needs - as well as possible.

As a client, you benefit from this focus because Quaderra contacts and interviews engineers, geologists, accountants, and other senior technical personnel locally and from all over the world. Over time we have spoken to thousands of people interested in changing jobs. They are often open to a career change or to a more interesting or flexible project when the right one comes available. This pool of hidden talent is typically not posting their resume on job boards or responding to newspaper ads. However, your company can tap this talent pool when you work with Quaderra. We also focus on learning about your company's culture, business plans, strategy, management style, and team dynamics when identifying the best match for you.

As a candidate, this means we focus on getting to know YOU. This includes not only your skill set, but understanding what's important to you to help determine what you really want – your goals, interests, ambitions, the type of organization you'd like to work for and your availability (full time, part-time, contract or hourly). We won't “rush” you, however even if you're currently working, we want to get to know you so that, when you're ready, we're ready.

The Result 

The result of this approach is the right fit - beyond the resume. Through our matching process, we create long term business relationships based on trust, integrity, confidentiality, and ethical values.

Your satisfaction is our success.

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