At Quaderra, we believe that as a Candidate, it's important for us to understand not only what you do, but who you are. We want to learn about your technical experience, and also your interests, goals and aspirations so that when the right opportunity arises, we can present it to you.

We focus on long term relationship building and are here as a resource – even if you’re not ready to make a move. So, when you’re ready, we’re ready.


Who is the Quaderra Group?

Quaderra is a contingency-based search firm that specializes in placing permanent and contract professionals, technical and executive staff in the energy and resource sectors in Canada and around the globe.

Quaderra contacts and interviews professionals on a daily basis. Over time, we have spoken to literally thousands of people interested in changing jobs if the right opportunity comes up – on a permanent or contract basis. Once we meet with you and have a better understanding of your experience, interests, and goals, we will bring opportunities back to you that fit with what you have told us about yourself.

Quaderra strives to build relationships based on trust, integrity, confidentiality and ethical values. Our purpose is to work in your best interest and to maximize the fit between you and the client. We look for the right fit – beyond your resume.

How does Quaderra ensure my "fit" will be suitable?

We make it our business to find out a great deal about you. We seek to understand your technical experience, and also information beyond your skill set.

We want to know about your personal and professional goals, your personality and your values: What is your dream job? What factors in a job are the most important to you? Is it the money, the people, satisfying work, work-life balance, travel, professional development and/or career growth?

Because we specialize in only the resource and energy sectors, we intimately know the companies in these industries. Before you go on an interview, you will receive detailed knowledge of the job for which you will be applying. In addition to job responsibilities, you will find out about the culture of the company, the work group's manager and team structure and dynamics.

To further ensure "fit" and to maintain confidentiality, we will send your resume to a company only after you have confirmed your interest.

What kind of positions do you recruit for?

Quaderra fills mainly intermediate to senior level positions, for technical professionals, managers and executives in the energy and resource sectors.

Click here for a sample list of positions Quaderra has been engaged by clients to fill.

For advertised positions currently available in your area, please check out the opportunities page.

Do you focus on placing candidates locally or internationally?

Although the majority of our positions are with companies with Western Canadian based head offices, many of these companies have offices overseas and we have worked on placement orders for Mexico, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Asia and other parts of the world.

Do you charge candidates a fee?

Our service is absolutely free to you. There is no cost for you to meet with us, discuss your situation and receive relevant career advice. As a Quaderra candidate, you can also receive help with job-search skills such as dealing with difficult interview questions and resume writing techniques.

How confidential is my information?

Quaderra strictly adheres to privacy policies and legislation to protect your personal information. To review our privacy policy, click here.

Do you have jobs available that are not advertised in the formal job market?

Yes! Many times we have openings that may not be available to you through your own network, be publicly posted or advertised in the newspaper.

Can I work with more than one search firm?

Certainly. Our intention is to help you make the best career move regardless of how you find the job. It is important for you to keep track of the opportunities where you've submitted your resume, either independently or through another firm. Please be candid with your recruiter about opportunities you are already pursuing.

What if more than one recruiter calls me about the same job?

It is in your best interest to work with the recruiter you have started speaking with about a specific opportunity. For you to best manage your job search, it is important you are aware of which organizations your information has been submitted to and for which positions. When we work with you, we will ask about your current job search activities to avoid any overlap with companies and positions you may already be in conversation with.

What steps should I take before contacting you?

Below are some suggested questions that would be valuable for you to reflect on before discussions with us. In addition to your technical experience, we want to understand your personal and professional motivations and goals. All of this knowledge about you will help us assist you in taking the next step in your career:

  • What are my motivations for making a career change at this time?
  • Am I currently ready to make a move? What is my timeline?
  • What does my ideal career situation look like?
  • Which are the most important factors to me: money, the people, satisfying work, work-life balance, travel, professional development, and/or career growth?
  • What kind and size of employer would I like to work for?
  • What kind of environment or corporate culture would I enjoy most?
  • What types of people would I like to work with?
  • Is my resume up-to-date and ready for presentation?
  • Who will be my professional references?

If I'm not looking for a job right now, should I still talk to you?

Yes, even if you are not actively seeking a new opportunity it will be beneficial to speak with us. Quaderra focuses on building long-term relationship. Once you are part of our network, we will keep you regularly informed of current opportunities and trends within your industry. We are then happy to work with you in more depth when you are ready to pursue new career goals.

Where should I send my resume? How do I apply for a job through Quaderra?

If you are applying for a direct job posting, please send an email to Please provide a copy of your resume in MS Word, your contact information and a clear expression of your interest in the job, quoting the job ID and title.

If you are making a general submission of future interest, email your resume and contact information to .

To view current listed jobs, check out the job opportunities.

Click here for a sample list of positions Quaderra has been engaged by clients to fill.