At Quaderra, we believe that as a Client, it's important for us to learn about your company's culture, business plans, strategy, management style, and team dynamics when identifying the best match for you.

We focus on long term relationship building and are here as a resource – even if you're not currently looking to hire. So, when you're ready, we're ready.


Who is the Quaderra Group?

Quaderra is a contingency-based search firm that specializes in placing permanent and contract energy and resource professionals, technical and executive staff in Canada and around the globe.

Quaderra contacts and interviews professionals in the resource sector on a daily basis. Over time, we have spoken to literally thousands of people interested in changing jobs if the right opportunity comes up – on a permanent or contract basis. This pool of hidden talent is typically not posting their resumes on job boards or responding to newspaper ads. However, these individuals can be made available to your company when you work with us.

Quaderra strives to build relationships based on trust, integrity and ethical values. Our purpose is to work in your company's best interest and to maximize the fit between you and the candidate. We look for the right fit – beyond the resume.

What is Quaderra’s approach to search?

As specialists in the energy & resource industries, our goal is to understand these sectors as completely as possible. Additionally, when Quaderra works with your company, we focus on the culture, strategy, management style and team dynamics of the department for which you are recruiting. By matching the candidate's personality, values goals and objectives with your company's, we try to create a fit where both you and the candidate will succeed.

When you engage our search services, our consultants proactively conduct in-depth interviews with all candidates before they are presented to a company.

Quaderra focuses on building lasting relationships and is always available to you as a resource--even if you're not ready to hire. When you're ready, we're ready.

How does Quaderra find candidates?

Quaderra uses its extensive network and information compiled through in-depth research to create a database of experienced technical professionals currently working throughout Canada and abroad in the resource and energy sectors. Some of the positions we typically recruit for include technical professionals, managers and VP's in engineering, geology, geophysics, accounting, project planning, human resources, health and safety. Click here for a sample list of positions Quaderra has been engaged by clients to fill.

If a suitable candidate is not already in our database, we either advertise or direct source ("recruit") by approaching potential candidates at target companies. You have our word that Quaderra will not actively seek out individuals from your company if we do business with you.

What kind of companies do you work with?

Quaderra specializes in the energy and resource industries. We have placed people in a wide range of public and private companies varying in size from start-ups to juniors to mid-size and large explorers and producers.

Quaderra works primarily with Canadian-based companies. However, many of these firms have offices and/or operations abroad. We have filled a variety of international positions. Our clients' operations span the breadth of Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North, Central and South America and Asia.

You say you find "hidden talent." What do you mean?

We speak to thousands of professionals interested in making a career move if the right opportunity comes along. These people rarely put their resume out into general circulation. They generally have not posted their information on job-boards like Workopolis or Monster. They are, however, in our database and Quaderra can contact them on your behalf and present them with your opportunities.

What steps have you taken with a candidate before you send me their resume?

Quaderra conducts intense due-diligence before sending you candidates. This process includes thoroughly assessing their skill-sets, personality and motivations and evaluating their fit with your company. We also conduct reference checks as part of the selection process for your opportunity.

When you receive a resume from a Quaderra consultant, you can rest assured the person has, to the best of our ability, been qualified as a potential employee for your company. The goal is to use both your time and the candidate's as effectively as possible creating a win-win solution for all.

You will never receive a candidate's resume without his or her full knowledge and prior consent. This policy ensures you see candidates who have expressed a genuine, confirmed interested in being presented to your company. To review our privacy policy, click here.

You say a lot of clients come back to you repeatedly. Why?

Quaderra emphasizes finding the right person for the position. We screen for candidates to determine who will likely enjoy the role and the company, and who meets the required qualifications. We do our best to present individuals who will be a good match and will therefore likely remain with the company for some time.

A key value of Quaderra is responsiveness. As a client, you are kept in the loop on a regular basis, and we ask that you keep us up-to-date throughout the process as well..

What is contingency search and how does your fee structure work?

As a contingency search firm, you pay us only once you hire a candidate whom we have provided. You do not pay an up-front fee for the search.

For permanent placements, typically a percentage of the first year's annual base salary is charged. Likewise, for contract placements, fees are assessed based on the contractor's weekly, monthly or quarterly billings. If you find a suitable candidate independently, you won't be charged for any of the time we spent or the services provided to you.

Do you guarantee your services?

Quaderra provides you a 90-day guarantee on all candidate placements. This guarantee starts with the new staff member's first day of employment. It is not pro-rated. If the candidate were to leave any time within the 90-days, we would endeavour to replace that individual. Alternately, you would be provided a credit of equal value, which can be applied toward another position in your organization. This credit is valid for one year from the start date of the originally placed candidate.

I received a resume from a Quaderra recruiter six month ago. I didn't hire the person then, but now I want to. Do I owe Quaderra a fee?

Fees are due from clients if the company hires a candidate in any position or capacity within one year from the last communication about that candidate. If you are interested in a candidate we have previously presented, we ask that you contact a Quaderra representative to facilitate the process.

How do I work with Quaderra during the interview process?

It is important you are available to talk with us, so a candidate's questions can be responded to in a timely way. This process ensures an interviewee is not lost to competing companies because of delay. Timely response is particularly important in our ever-changing market.

Your cooperation and candour will help keep things on track as well as put your organization in the most favourable light. For these reasons, we ask you to please respond to inquiries and requests for information as quickly as possible.

Can I check references on my own?

Certainly. Quaderra does thorough reference checking on candidates. However, if you want to further check with referees, you can speak with these individuals directly if you choose.

Can I work with more than one search firm to fill the same position?

Yes, you can work with more than one search firm. However, for us to best help you, please be candid about the number of recruiters you are working with on each position.

I'm not looking for people now. Should I still talk with you?

Absolutely. From this discussion, we will gain a thorough understanding of your company , what you do, where you operate, what your strategic plans are and identify current or future employment gaps. We can then lay the groundwork to find you appropriate employees when you need them. Quaderra is interested in developing a long-term relationship with you. When you're ready, we're ready!

How do I develop a working relationship with Quaderra?

Email us at and ask to speak to one of our consultants.